After a successful launch: The Space X astronauts arrived at the space station

After a successful launch: The Space X astronauts arrived at the space station

Weak sighs were heard today (Saturday) in the control room of the US space agency (NASA). SpaceX, Successfully landed at the International Space Station. As mentioned, this is the second time the company, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, has successfully launched a team of four astronauts.

The space mission took one day, with two NASA astronauts (Shane Kimber and Megan MacArthur), a Japanese astronaut from Jaxa (Akihito Hoshida) and a French astronaut from the European Space Agency (Thomas Basket). With Spice X, its mission is expected to end next weekend.

As you may recall, the four were scheduled to start Thursday, but it was postponed for a day due to critical weather in the Florida area. Finally, the mission, known as the Crew-2 mission, took off from the Cape Canberra Space Center at 12:45 a.m. Israel time on Friday.

Meanwhile, another exciting event is expected a week later – Crew 1’s crew, SpaceX’s first official mission to cover the entire lineup of astronauts, is expected to say goodbye to their friends in space and return to Earth. Next Wednesday, they are expected to depart at 12:00 noon Israel time, and they will arrive on Earth seven and a half hours later – from a quarter to eight in Israel time in the evening. However, the exact date and time depends on both the position of the spacecraft and the weather at the selected landing area.

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