Personality required for MLB

Personality required for MLB

How many times have we compared Major League Baseball with the NBA or NFL in recent years? How many times has someone said to themselves, “My God, MLP has no personality”? Without being able to give an accurate answer, I can say that it happened many times.

There is nothing like being in a continuous free fall for visitors for years.

As a good basketball and football fan, I see the difference with the ball. This is obvious and clear. I am often told that baseball, as beautiful as it is on the field, has no color. Letter. Even the mouth. This is usually very conservative.

Luckily now there are big league youngsters like Jazz Shisholm Jr. and Marlins.

Jazz is 23 and has his first full season in Miami. Colorful, loving, and fun to listen to, he’s got it all – and is going to be an attractive personality within the MLB. You should only watch one interview he gave earlier this month.

“Baseball is like me. You can be yourself on the pitch and do what you want by being yourself. There is no other team in the game of baseball Stir here and there Than the Miami Marlins. “

– Jazz Shisholm Jr..

Colorful blue hair, team bandana on forehead and GTA Vice City video game studs on the leg, this is not an explanation given to a baseball player. Still, it applies to him in every way.

This is new. It is refreshing. It has the potential to attract a younger customer, which is a game in an era Streaming Gain prominence.

“I’m like a kid, a son that everyone wants,” he thinks when asked about his role with Marlins.

No, jazz, you’re not the only one. You are an example of how baseball can have a little color.

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