“No regrets”: A player is allowed to go back to his trade after 2 months

"No regrets": A player is allowed to go back to his trade after 2 months

Some trades can ruin the life of an NBA player, while others can turn into a release. In the case of Gary Trent Jr., this is the second lawsuit he has filed against Toronto. Full-back recently talked about his departure from the Blazers, explaining why he was happy about it.

Gary Trent Jr., who emerged as the sixth man in Portland last season, caused a stir in the bubble with others, with some first-choice performances. This season, especially C.J. Following the absence of McCollum for a long time, the player who trained at Duke was able to really show his position, fifteen points 39% away in a 30-minute game. What foretells the future as a solid spinning man.

Then, at the trading deadline, it became official: the back was traded against Norman Powell in Toronto. Finally a notice of relief to the person concerned. During an interview SLAM Magazine, The son of a former member of the Maws and Wolves has spoken of his desire to leave. The main reason for this is that he misses the bench, with no chance of becoming a starter at Rip City. So the raptors’ offer was similar to the gift he received from heaven:

None of this opportunity (being in Toronto, author’s note). In recent years, I’ve played with extraordinary players, talking about future Hall of Famers like Melo or Damien Lillard. So my time in the field, I could show very little.

A clear observation on the part of the player who saw his time ending in Oregon. It’s true that building behind a back court with Damien Lillard and McCollum isn’t easy, especially when you realize the potential to do more. This period is now behind him, and in the back he feels “no regrets” about leaving. With an average of 16.8 points since his arrival, Trent Jr. has a bang on a team that welcomes him with open arms:

For the first time in my career, in the last three years, I feel like I wanted to be in a way. They want me to be a part of something. They want me to help. So, to be honest with you I can’t even put it into words.

It is very suitable for Toronto, so you can count on a talented man for many years. Considering the players’ departure following the title in 2019 and the labor concerns caused this season due to Covit-19, on the contrary, we can say for sure that Nick Nurse will not complain. Along with Pascal Siakam, Gary will now bring his team back to the playoffs. A real challenge, but the young back is used to it.

Revealed in Oregon, Gary Trent seems to have found his home with the Junior Raptors. The player seems happy, especially with the current health environment we like him.

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