Capitol rebel Robert Chapman ‘arrested after boasting about Bumble siege to woman who complained to police’

Capitol rebel Robert Chapman 'arrested after boasting about Bumble siege to woman who complained to police'

After the man bragged about attacking Capitol in a dating app, a woman at the pump turned a New York man into an FBI agent.

During the uprising the U.S. The FBI has remanded Robert Chapman in custody on suspicion of assaulting Capitol, a woman who sent a message to Bump at Champaign has warned.

Robert Chapman was arrested by the FBICredit: U.S. Department of Justice
Chapman bragged about attacking Capitol
Chapman bragged about attacking CapitolCredit: U.S. Department of Justice

According to legal documents, Champman began texting a woman after January 6 and claiming she was part of a failed coup attempt.

“I attacked Capitol,” Chapman wrote. “I have come to the statue hall! “

Federal prosecutors included screen shots of the posts, in which Chapman bragged about his interviews with the Washington Post and other media.

The woman simply replied, “We are not a match.”

Chapman posted even worse evidence on Facebook
Chapman posted even worse evidence on FacebookCredit: Abi
More than 370 rioters were arrested
More than 370 rioters were arrestedCredit: Reuters

Court documents state that the woman reprimanded him for these screen shots.

Sources said TMJet Chapman was reported by another user and later banned from the pump in January.

Officials say Chapman was named Robert Eric on social media, where they found even worse posts.

On Facebook, Chapman wrote that he had left New York City’s “bad apple” and was heading to the “criminal district for some deserving entertainment.”

In another post a day later, during the riot, Chapman posted a photo of himself saying “I’m in cryptocurrency !!!” “

Authorities arrested Chapman and charged him with trespassing and disorderly conduct on prohibited government property.

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Although Chapman was one of 370 people arrested for assaulting Capitol, he was only one of a few arrested for dating.

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