Why can Australia participate?

Why can Australia participate?

Australia has competed in Eurovision since 2015. But this year, his participation will be in special circumstances due to Covid 19.

In 2021, this will be Australia’s 7th participationEurovision. The country of Oceania first appeared only once, in 2015, but in the face of the excitement generated by its existence that year, this experience is repeated every year.

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In principle, only member states of the EPU (European Broadcasting Union) can participate in Eurovision. In 60 years of competition in 2015, the organization broke the rule for Australia, where Eurovision has been broadcasting on SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) since 1983, with the same success as always. To reward the allegiance of the Australians, they allowed their country to try its luck once and for all. The experience should only be repeated during success. But the country has been around ever since. In 2015, its candidate Guy Sebastian took fifth place, and the following year, Australia even came close to winning second place with singer Tommy Im.

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Pre-registered participation

This year, however, Australian candidate Montagne will not be on stage with his rivals. She will not be able to travel as travel restrictions have been imposed in Australia against Kovit-19. But she almost participates. Like all candidates this year, under the conditions of a final, he had to register his performance in advance. This effort was made by the EBU to compensate for any impossibility of participation due to infection. So this will be a pre-recorded version of the song “Technicolor” which will be played during the final on May 22 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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