Here is the most horrible Audi RS6 Avant

Here is the most horrible Audi RS6 Avant

The Audi RS6 Avant is the most powerful and efficient wagon ever made by a German company, but one of the most stylish … apart from this amazing configuration.

The RS6 is very popular in the automotive scene. We’ve seen some crazy 1,000 horsepower structure, and Audi’s UK branch has released a limited edition “RS2 Tribute” but nothing close to that crazy family trucker tribute from the cult film “Hello Vacation”.

American movie cars are always so special, remember the Ford LTD Country Sky Station wagon “Hello on vacation …”. What about this crazy replica based on the Audi RS6 Avant!

You can see this wonderful tribute in the video below. The owner turned the look of this Audi upside down and recreated the woodwork of the American station wagon. The hood also gets a set of false wood panels. The characteristic crown on the country skier station wagon looks like this modern version, and the wooden roof rods are found on this RS6 C8.

Horrible but original

Fortunately, the owner of this car decided to keep replacing the original wheels with the base steel wheels from the car in the movie. The interior also looks original. We know that this car is much faster than the original thanks to the dual-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 600 hp and 800 Nm of torque.

The appearance of this somewhat special RS6 represents the usual class and occupation of the German hunting station wagon, but works like this are still fun. However, beware of brand purists who do not appreciate humor.

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