[BALADO] Pay Zone: Special Edition of the NFL Draft

[BALADO] Pay Zone: Special Edition of the NFL Draft

This is the perfect opportunity for a hot reunion between the upcoming NFL draft Payment zone And its avid listeners. In this special edition of your podcast, we focus on this important moment for teams by providing a comprehensive overview of the big names to see.

On Thursday night, April 29, the NFL Draft takes place, promising that the current vintage will trigger an offensive stance. Less than five quarterbacks should not be selected from the best choices, and our researchers note the strengths and weaknesses of each of them.

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Obviously, these aren’t the only quarterbacks that attract attention. The moment you see what the most interesting opportunities are at other levels, get ready to appreciate the big moment at its true value.

Reuse also says who is simulated reuse. Our experts comment on their personal “fake draft” regarding the first exams of the initial round. Also, Stephen Godore will publish a complete simulated draft of the first round on the pages of the page Magazine Monday.

Payment zone What would it be without adding a reasonable twist to the latest NFL news. Now the famous “Look at that!” We invite you to stay until the end of the section, where we talk about the twitosphere and … various issues like rock, paper, scissors!

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Payment zone Presented jointly by Jean-Nicola Cognay, Jean Carrier and Stephen Godoret

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