The Design Museum of London will become a cozy shop

The Design Museum of London will become a cozy shop

What a pleasure to do your shopping in London now Kensington High Street ! Toilet paper, rice packets or dish soap have never been so beautiful.

Since museums will not reopen in the UK until May 17th, The Design Museum London’s hurdle decided to pass with a lot of humor (English) and with maximum elegance by transforming his souvenir shop into a cozy shop. Contains only essential ingredients like rice, tea, pasta, coffee, fruits, masks, bread and … porridge, beans and gin. The store is as stylish as the packaging of all these items. Each is explicitly designed by a young artist. collaborates with newspapers (The Guardian, The New York Times). Sponsor of the activity Russ Murphy Tham York, DJ. Collaborator with many bands or musicians, such as Shadow, Kendrick Lamar or The Rolling Stones. Russ Murphy designed the gin bottle that is the sponsor of this happy concept store.

Action against the implementation of the initiative “Creativity is an important part of being human and must be accessible to all“, We read on the site. Purchases are limited to one product per customer, prices are all reasonable. 2 euros for a bottle of dishwashing liquid and 60 coins for a roll of toilet paper. The revenue will feed into the growing designer access fund. No need to rush, this design bubble will burst on Sunday 25th April.

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