Like “Ramadan Fawazir” … When will the “Kada Aun Series” end ?!

Like "Ramadan Fawazir" ... When will the "Kada Aun Series" end ?!

After losing its magnetism and losing its luster, Judge Kada Aun has been at the forefront of events since last weekend, in the form of “Ramadan Fawazir”, which is no longer on the television drama table, another type of “Fawaz” in which the power of the judiciary is intertwined with the political turmoil, but it is very boring. .

Yesterday, the Lebanese were on a date with a new episode of the “Kada Aun series,” a meeting of the Supreme Court 24 hours before they recommended the aforementioned judge for judicial review, “the end of the drama season.” The decision to drop his hand from the Magdat file.

In order to no longer complete the legal or arbitrary “comic scene”, Judge Kada Aun armed the media opposition, with clear political support, represented by so-called supporters of the judiciary in a “strange word to the judiciary, even if it is a movement name, to clearly describe” fans of the free patriotic movement.

Dishonest Neighbor!
Again, this scene seemed unpleasant in the vicinity of a company that was satisfied, although it is no longer appropriate to describe it as “unusual” after it became almost daily. The invasion of the offices of a female judge by a private judge, regardless of the “noble and lofty” goal it raises, is covered up with the slogan “Fight Corruption”, a scene contrary to all values ​​raised by the judiciary, and the judges swear allegiance to them, the first of which is the rule of law.

The scene is even more frustrating when the judge decides to force his way into the company’s offices without removing the main locks after closing the doors on his face and instead of taking with him an “observer” to support him in this task. Who arrived late to the “battlefield.” The judge oversees the hurricane process and provides its instructions and guidance to the sub-population with or without sub-supervision.

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At a very hostile juncture in the unprecedented judiciary that Justice Aun’s movements have brought for days, there are those who, like the politician who complains about the country, raise the whole question of political implications and implications, and those who insist that the “movement” of the judiciary is based on it, and that it is no longer hidden from anyone. Based on goals, and “distracting public opinion” is only its obvious aspect.

What’s next?
From here, many explanations can be given in politics for what has been going on for days, with Judge Aun insisting that his movement stems from his insistence on “exposing the hidden,” but there is no split between his media movement’s supporters after it became an axis. The “campaign” and its opponents are wary of the “real hidden” behind it.

The most dangerous thing remains in the “mobilization of the street” led by Judge Aun’s movement, with personal motivation from her and those who stand behind her, especially those who “support” her through popular movements, which have faced counter-movements to issues that have taken the country to almost certain depths. No one wants it, especially as citizens are already suffering from endless misery and do not need a new epidemic to add to the line of misery they will continue.

There is no doubt that the most vulnerable of all that has happened and is happening is the judiciary, which the Supreme Court Council sought to preserve its image and prestige by seeking its conciliatory solutions, but it did not succeed, and then the “politicization” that took place appeared before the world again a few months ago. It reminded the judiciary of the “mortgaged” judicial system in the closets of the Presidential Palace, in a paradox rather than interesting, especially to Judge Aun, because of the belief that they were “unfair”.

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It’s time to end “series” Judge Kada Aun and Company Magdaff. His episodes are no longer interesting, are not interesting, and do not contain the artistically necessary “drama” elements. The “harms” of this series are the worst. From attacking the judiciary, with its loneliness and cruelty to attacking all companies, to moving from one street to another, does this story end well? What are the real motives behind it?!.

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