Big change on the Internet: Do we pay for content that is now free?


In the past, Facebook has also commented on a new feature of Apple’s iOS 14.5 operating system, which is a bad change accordingly. With the advent of the new system, users will be allowed to monitor apps on their phones on the Internet. Apple wants to use the new feature to deliver better targeted ads to users.

According to Facebook, this change will do more harm than good. Most companies are currently funded by targeted advertising, and because the user has the option, they will not agree to view it online. Businesses will lose money they earn from in-app advertising, and have no choice but to pay for their content.

With the new update of the iOS operating system, the American company Apple came to the press conference yesterday. Among other things, in addition to the updated operating system, it also unveiled a number of new products such as the iMac system, the upgraded Apple TV or the expected AirDec. However, the already mentioned iOS 14.5 has received a lot of attention with the new functionality.

The implications of the new development should be clear when Apple introduces the new system on April 30th. Users can show how they like or dislike the update.

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