What do you see in the pictures – Mars or Earth?

What do you see in the pictures - Mars or Earth?

Mars is a hospitable planet. The temperature is slightly cooler than Earth, but there is a problem with the lack of oxygen and the low atmospheric pressure of 7 millibars. By comparison, the atmospheric pressure at sea level on Earth is about 1000 millibars or 1 bar. Seen this way, Blue Earth and Red Mars have nothing in common.

However, the two planets are much more similar than you think.

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One third of the earth’s land area is occupied by deserts. Sand dunes, rocks and surface water scarcity – this description is appropriate for both the red planet and the deserts of the earth.

If we want to be more precise – Earth’s deserts cover an area of ​​49 million km and that of Mars is 144 million km.

The red planet is similar to Earth. There are clouds, sometimes the sky is blue (around sunrise and sunset), and the surface of dry rivers is marked by valleys, mentors and deltas. NASA also has evidence of liquid salt that appears in the summer on the slopes of some parts of Mars.

In addition, both planets have sandstorms, winds, glaciers, and volcanoes (albeit dormant), and the geography of the landscape is very similar.

An example of how similar the two planets are GalleryWe have chosen for you. In it you will find about 40 satellite images. Our question to you is – can you tell if the images are on Earth or Mars?

Are the photos in the gallery from Earth or Mars?

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From the ground

From Mars

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