Kate Middleton found in London with her children: Internet users are found

Kate Middleton found in London with her children: Internet users are found

Before the start of the school year, Kate Middleton went shopping in London with her children Charlotte and George. Their behavior particularly appealed to Internet users.

George, Charlotte and Louise, who were too young to live such an experience, did not Did not attend their grandfather’s funeral, Prince Philip, this Saturday, April 17. Nevertheless, their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton Present to bid farewell to the Duke of Edinburgh, Died April 9 at the age of 99. This weekend Emotionally rich, The Duchess of Cambridge rejoiced Find her children, And Internet users too. When they discovered their behavior when they really melteda Shopping day Almost like the others in London. Charlotte and George, aged 5 and 7, were prettier than ever because they presented a picture Exemplary family. As announced Hello!Two-year-old Cambridge children were spotted with their mother just before the start of the school year on Monday, April 19, at the Smickel store on London’s King’s Road.

Their most mature relationship with money Alexa, in particular, is known for his work bags and school supplies in the Twitter user’s store, which he claims to have “Has always been a fan of Kate”. “Simply Children with normal, good behavior A normal parent tries to do the right thing, and that’s it Adorable », He posted on the social network. She explains that Charlotte and George had Had a budget to be respected and had to pay with their own money. A simplicity to touch a lot. “I believe she’s a carbon copy of Diana with her precious boys.”, Commented to a user before adding two cores.

“They were doing very well.”

Charlotte and George start dating Shopping with their mom. During imprisonment, Kate Middleton aShe was spotted with her children at Sainsbury’s in Kings Lynn, Near them Norfolk house. This time, it was Little Louise. Already, children’s behavior has been praised by those who have passed them by. « She is absolutely beautiful and the kids were beautiful. They behaved very well. “, Was announced at the time a source was cited Hello!. After a few months, they obviously haven’t changed.

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