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All three of the classic horror films of the 1930s – Murders in the Rookie, Le Chat Noir and Le Corbo differ by three factors related to their production. In particular, each film is based on the masterpiece of the gruesome Edgar Allan Poe. A part of the famous wave of horror films produced by Universal Pictures in the 1930s, all three features of Dracula’s Bela Lucosi are dynamic shows, two of which are animated by Frankenstein’s Boris Carloff appearance. Finally, since all three are rare examples of pre-code studio horror, sometimes shocking depictions of torture and trauma arose as a result of what they created before using the code’s strict guidelines in that brief moment in Hollywood. Content. .

Director Robert Flori, who made his film debut for the Marx Brothers with The Coconuts in 1929, along with Metropolis cinematographer Carl Freund presented a German expressionist air to the murders for a rupee Mork (1932), a twisted leading festival as a mad scientist. Show in 19th century Paris, the talking monkey kills women to find a mate for the main attraction. Lukosi and Karloff first teamed up with The Black Gate, which became Universal’s biggest hit in 1934, with director of the diversion Edgar G. Ulmer was a satanic architect and brought a sharp twist to the story locked in the Negro (Karloff). . Find his family and fight with an old friend (Lukoshi). Prosperous B-film director Lou Landers turned The Raven of 1935 into the most horrific, with all American horror films banned in the UK for two years. With a specific note about Boa in his story, Lukosi is a writer-maniac plastic surgeon who tortures the runaway killer Carloff with horrific medical procedures.

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The first significant and still unresolved works of American studio horror film production, these three pre-coded air conditioners demonstrate the enduring power of Bowe’s works and the equivalent sequence of two of the world’s best stars of horror. Classic.

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