The United States and Japan have talked about the Taiwan issue for 52 years … Show ‘breath’ on China’s check

The United States and Japan have talked about the Taiwan issue for 52 years ... Show 'breath' on China's check
Biden-Suka White House Summit
Japan, South China Sea-Hong Kong, human rights issues, etc. are keeping pace with the US and pushing in all directions.
Senkaku Islands receive US support as issues … “across the irreversible river” into Japan
Strengthening technical cooperation such as semiconductor-5G உடனடியாக China’s “Stop Interference in Internal Affairs” Immediately Rebellion

Conversation on hamburger US President Joe Biden (left) and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suka (right) address a hamburger at the White House in Washington on the 16th (local time). After the meeting, Prime Minister Suu Kyi told reporters, “I was very curious about the (hamburger) story I never touched.” US President Joe Biden captures Twitter

At the summit on the 16th (local time), the leaders of the United States and Japan reaffirmed their commitment to a joint response to issues such as China’s emotional response, the Taiwan issue and human rights abuses in the South China Sea and Hong Kong. Instead of speeding up US checks against China, it also received US support for Japan to hold a regional dispute with China over the Chengdu Islands (Chinese name Toyota) and the Tokyo Olympics.

In a statement issued that day, the two leaders said, “We oppose China’s illegal maritime activities in the South China Sea and reaffirm our common interests in a free and open South China Sea in accordance with international law.” This is explained by the desire of both countries to counter China’s movement to turn the region into a military base. The report stressed the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and recommended a peaceful solution to the problem of both sides (China and Taiwan). This is the first time since 1972 that Japan has normalized diplomatic relations with China, 52 years after the 1969 summit between President Richard Nixon and Japanese Prime Minister Isaac Sado. Japanese experts estimate that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suka has stepped up with US President Joe Biden to oppose China, but predicts there will be a side effect from the report. In particular, he focused on the content of ‘Taiwan’, which China is very passionate about. Former Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Yukio Takuchi told Asahi Shimpan on the 18th that “it is not clear whether Prime Minister Suu Kyi has been determined, but that this revelation to China could cross the Rubikan River. In the future, China’s ‘restructuring measures’ may be considered. ”

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The two leaders agreed to cooperate with neighboring allies through the four-nation council (participating in the United States, Japan, India and Australia) to verify China. Section 5 of the US-Japan Security Agreement applies to the Senkaku Islands, a disputed area between China and Japan, which refers to the US obligation to defend the United States against Japan, saying, “We oppose unilateral action which weakens Japan’s administration in the Senkaku Islands.” The two countries pledged to strengthen cooperation in technology sectors such as the semiconductor supply chain and the 5th generation (5G) network. The joint statement said, “We will respond to intellectual property infringement and unjustified trade practices such as the forced transfer of technology between the two countries and within the seven major countries (G7) or the World Trade Organization (WTO).” The report does not expose North Korea’s CVID (complete, verifiable and irreversible nuclear disarmament), but Prime Minister Suu Kyi called a “CVID for all disaster and ballistic missiles” at a press conference. Used expression. This day’s report and press conference revealed how important it is for the United States to view Japan as an ally to keep China in check in the Indo – Pacific region. The statement said, “The United States and Japan have further renewed the alliance, which has become a cornerstone of peace and security around the world. The sea divides us, but universal values ​​and common principles such as freedom, democracy and human rights, law and order unite us. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “The United States and Japan must take China ‘s concerns seriously, pursue a Chinese policy, and immediately stop interfering in domestic affairs and harming China’s interests.” We will protect sovereignty, security and development interests. ”New York = Jaitong Yu [email protected]Go to the reporter page> / Beijing = Reporter Kyung Kim

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