USA | Walmart still wants to better retain full-time employees

USA |  Walmart still wants to better retain full-time employees

(New York) Walmart, the largest private employer in the United States, announced Wednesday that it wants to go full-time, with regular hours, to better retain two-thirds of its workforce.

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The group aims to achieve this goal by the end of January 2022. In 2016, only 53% of this category of employees were full-time employees, Walmart said in a statement.

But requirements continue to change, with more and more products being produced and delivered to customers.

“We know that providing more full-time job opportunities with skills, training and tools to make the job easier will help us continue to attract and retain the best skills,” team chairman Drew Holler said in a group post. Website.

The company, which employs a total of about 1.6 million people in the country, is constantly criticized for the working conditions and salaries of its employees.

According to a study by a non-partisan congressional audit firm (GAO) appointed by independent politician Bernie Sanders, Walmart is one of the few companies in the U.S. to have more employees benefiting from a health plan that aims at food aid or more backward (medical assistance).

In February, the group announced that it was raising the wages of about 425,000 employees “above average” to $ 15 an hour.

But when a team like Costco offers a minimum of $ 16, the minimum entry fee is $ 11 per hour.

While Walmart is able to spend about 66% of its hourly paid work full-time, it is still below average for full-time wholesale and retail workers: 74% work at least 35 hours, according to Department of Labor statistics.

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