Sarah Kern first started filming Slovenia-Australia co-production: Moja Vesna

Sarah Kern first started filming Slovenia-Australia co-production: Moja Vesna

– The director we owe in his credit for the 2017 Orisondi Prize-winning short film in Venice, Good luck, Arlo!, Is currently filming his first film in Melbourne

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Last week, the Slovenian filmmaker Sarah Kern Began filming his first feature, My Vesna (Lit. “My Vesna“Or”My spring“), Melbourne and surrounding areas. This is the first co-production between Slovenia and Australia. Writer-Director, short film Good luck, Arlo! Having won a festival in 2017 and 2018 after winning in Venice’s Orisondi, she has now lived in Australia for many years.

Kern’s feature introduction follows ten-year-old girl Moja, who, after the sudden death of her mother, unexpectedly grew up in her fragmented family, immigrants in suburban Melbourne. He then tries to fix his tense, pregnant older sister Vesna and their disgruntled father Milos.

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One of Slovenia’s most acclaimed actors, Grigor Bakovich (Cemetery, Thanks to Sunderland [+lire aussi :
fiche film
), Milos and plays an Australian actress McKenzie Masood Vesna plays after taking Slovenian language classes. Lodhi Kovasik, Played by Moja, was selected by a broad grass-roots that appealed to the Slovenian community throughout Australia. The cast has also joined Claudia Carvan, One of Australia’s most recognized actresses.

The group includes DoP Lev Frieden Gowarski, Who lens Good luck, Arlo !, Tax maker Rachel Forbes, Product Manager Ira CC, First AD. Andy Pandey, Product Designer Madison Howd And fashion designer Ellen Stony Street. Making the film Whips year, Of Slovenia Singer Movie, And Sherlyn George, Australia’s Sweetshop & Green, and sponsored Slovenian Film Center And Screen Australia, as well as Victoria and Slovenian national broadcaster of the film RTV.

“We are very grateful to our Australian and Slovenian counterparts who played a key role in reviving this first Slovenian-Australian co-production in Melbourne,” says Pinek. “It will be a charm for director Sarah Kern and Slovenian cinematographer Lev Frieden Kowarski to work their magic together again and create another gem in Australia.”

Call Greenspan, Co-Managing Director of Sweetshop & Green adds: “We are delighted to see this special project reach production. Sarah is a very talented and unique filmmaker. Over the past few years, he has created an incredible world with the script, team and cast he has brought together. My Vesna. We look forward to sharing his first feature with the audience in 2022. ”

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