Adagio opens second residence in Stratford, London

Adagio London Stratford opens on 12 April.

After his first stay in Brentford, west London, Adagio opened an apartment in Stratford, east of the British capital. Long inactive, This district of the eastern tip There is In full rebirth Because he is the beating heart of the 2012 Olympics. ” Stratford is becoming one of the most interesting and vibrant metropolises in the UK“, Commented Kareem Malak, Managing Director of Adagio.

In its architectural design, the four-star residence is inspired by the district’s industrial heritage, making it an important center of railway construction. Materials, details reminiscent of railroads: If there is a past, the design of the establishment also reflects the evolution of Stratford, with its young and energetic spirit. The 136 apartments Creating that apartment – 100 studios for two people and 36 apartments for up to four people, each with a kitchen – includes a new contemporary design designed by Adagio.

Also new, the apartment hotel will act as a pilot platform for a digital room directory where customers can find answers to their requests by scanning the QR code without using paper. Regular customers will find Stratford in London The basics of the brand Like the friendly lobby concept Hopefully And a grocery store in addition to a gym.

Perfect for business travelers, Not too far from the Canary Wharf The International Quarter is a short walk from the London International Trade Center, a five-minute walk from the Adagio London Stratford Stratford Tube Station and the large Westfield Stratford City Shopping Center. Based on the restrictions still in place in the UK, Aportodel is currently reserved for essential accommodation and can welcome its first business travelers from May 17th.

Sixth Adagio residence in the UK After Brentford, Leicester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Liverpool, the opening announces others, especially in South London next summer.

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