Run the pulpit for Tanner Roar

Run the pulpit for Tanner Roar

For a rare time in the last few days, the Toronto Blue Zeus has received good news. Starting pitcher Robbie Ray is ready to return to his lineup. He will also face the Yankees tomorrow night.

As for the departure of Hyun-Jin Ryu and Rose Stripping, they will be postponed to Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

As Ray returns, pitcher Tanner Rork will go to the relief box.

Rorke was scheduled to start the game against the Angels this afternoon, but was postponed until August 10 due to weather in Florida.

According to manager Charlie Montoyo, this staff action does not mean Roark will not start any more games at the end of the season. Obviously, injuries could free up a spot in the cycle, and Roerk will be the main candidate for resuming his role as a starting pitcher.

In his final year contract with Toronto, the 34-year-old struggled with the first start of his season. The right-hander allowed five runs in three innings against the Texas Rangers. This would be very useful in the pen in my opinion.

When Nate Pearson returns, someone in charge of the team from Rose Stripping or DJ Jeech is surprised. Pulban. Will Montoya make a decision based on professional experience or 2021 performance? To be continued

More Jays Injury News: George Springer is not ready to start his season yet. It will be re-evaluated daily.

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  • Another game was postponed due to weather.
  • What a comeback for the Mariners!

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