Your Sunday evening on TV

Your Sunday evening on TV

Theatrical comedy, war film, detective or science fiction on Sunday evening show.

France 2, 10:35 pm, Like Kiss whoever you want As follows Look at how we dance 9:05 pm Charlotte Rambling, Jack Tudrong, Karin Weird, Carol Bouquet …

In this film by Michael Planck, a lot of characters with turbulent romantic relationships meet on holiday.

Luxury casting, dark humor and cynicism.

At 9:05 pm, the set where you see the same characters.

Kiss the trailer you like

8:55 pm on Arte, When attacked by eagles (1969) With Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton

Elite soldiers must release an American general, a prisoner in a castle in the Alps.

In the disguise of Nazi officers, they do maximum damage.

An exciting war movie

During the Eagles attack trailer

9:05 pm on C8, The best classic of the French thriller, Don’t touch Crispy Jack Beckin, Jean Cabin, Lino Ventura, Jean More (1953)

In Paris in the 1950s, two old school bosses find themselves on the edge of the gallows, at the crossroads of a rival mob provoked by their hoarding.

A decisive second wind for the cabin and a key role for the Lino Ventura

Do not touch the Crispy trailer

Finally, in TF1 Series Films, 9pm, Gravity With Sandra Bullock and George Clooney

Due to an accident during space travel, two astronauts are trying to survive as their oxygen balance is gradually declining.

Spectacular …

Gravity Trailer

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