The shark was filmed on a beach in Australia

The shark was filmed on a beach in Australia

By Marion LeBron


Many Australians were surprised to find a shark so close to them last weekend. It’s a cool moment that many people do not perish with their cell phones.

These Australians will be long remembered for 2021 this Easter weekend Beach near Sydney, They were surprised to see it Shark 2 meters long, invited to the party. The latter came dangerously near the beach, and then there was the crowd. A person quickly hung up his phone to film this shocking scene.

Injured shark, harmless

It all happened Bay of Yarra. The latter is located approximately 7 kilometers south of Sydney. In films that are not destroyed by a human, we notice that the shark is not as dangerous as it appears. In fact, there are many who understand it quickly The shark was injured and could not move Generally. Animal measuring more than two meters He did everything to reach the ocean. Authorities are asking people to keep a safe distance. But that did not stop some from accessing it.

To protect

While most of us usually escape the sight of sharks, this time it is not. In fact, three men tried to help the shark regain deep water. But they realized it quickly The shark is not well. So they stopped helping him and decided to let him do things on his own.

A few weeks ago, still in Australia, a young man created himself Bulldog attacked by shark When he was practicing scuba diving.

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