Three months after Brexit, London is proposing its asylum reform

Three months after Brexit, London is proposing its asylum reform


Three months after Brexit came into force, London on Wednesday unveiled its asylum reform and the end of the independence movement between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Those who entered the country legally and those who entered illegally will now be treated differently. The government is presenting this plan. “ The biggest reform of the asylum system in decades But humanitarian associations such as the Red Cross condemn this hardening of immigration policy.

With our correspondent in London, Claire Digiomy

This is the text expected by Brexit supporters. With this new asylum system, people who enter British soil illegally will no longer have the same rights that they legally enter. To be sure, asylum seekers who have traveled illegally can only obtain temporary status, which is constantly being reviewed. Their access to social benefits and family reunification will be limited. On the other hand, those who come by legal means can benefit from the automatic right to install.

The government is talking about one Reform « Fair but firm “He wants to encourage channel crossings by boat and prevent the influence of smugglers. The Interior Ministry also promises to create new routes.” Safe and legal For example, for survivors of persecution in their country.

But that is not enough to convince Labor opposition. She condemns ruthlessness. Humanitarian associations have also reacted. The British Red Cross in particular wrote this text “ Inhumane “Creating a” Unreasonable two-speed system .

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