The moon moves from Jupiter to Saturn

The moon moves from Jupiter to Saturn

Grand Rapids, min.

The Moon of Vannaprastha moves around Jupiter and Saturn. To see all three, look southeast before sunrise. The moon is lower on Mondays than on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Wednesday, you can see Jupiter just above the moon. By Thursday morning the moon will be in the lower left corner of the two planets.

The Moon will help you find Jupiter and Saturn earlier this week, but in the evening you will also have the opportunity to see Mars and Uranus. Mars sets in the west after dark and Uranus in the west after sunset.

The International Space Station created several routes in western Michigan last week. Jim and Bam Browner approached Wyoming.

This image of the International Space Station as it crossed Wyoming on April 3, 2021 was captured by Jim and Mr. Browner captured.

There was a march meeting last weekend and we had some beautiful photos. Ed Rabir was able to capture this detailed look at the moonlight in Plainwell:

Moon in flight. (Courtesy Ed Robbir)

Sandy Bruce also saw Cave. This incredible photo was taken at Grand Haven:

An owl can be found near the Worm Moon in Grand Haven. (Courtesy of Sandy Bruce)

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