They don’t like Omar in this movie

They don’t like Omar in this movie

On Sunday, March 28, 2021, Umar Sai will play the lead role in the DF1 movie “Le Flick de Belleville”. If this comedy was a huge hit, did you know that the actor is not the person first chosen for that role?

Omar Sai is a 43-year-old actor, something he should be proud of in his life. After starring in many films, it was an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful family life.

Among the jokes the public can find him, you can count on “Belleville’s Guardian”.

You have to know that even though the film was a huge success when it was released, it was never really for Umar Work on this project.

Another star was spotted

After more travel than the event, Umar can be proud of his history as an actor. In fact, in order to get the chance to be recognized at its fair value, it underwent many trials, which he never deviated from sharing.

However, despite being an undeniable star on the screen, it cannot be guaranteed that Umar will be the first choice every time.

This is Rashid Pacharep’s film project “Le Flick de Belleville”. In fact, according to reports, Omar must have led to another star, Jameel Debous.

Time is a thing

The project was launched in 2011, in which Jameel was to work with his US partner, Queen Latifah. However, the film was not made on time and was postponed for several years.

Thus, after the release of “The Way of the Enemy” in 2014, Rashid became very close with Louis Guzman. He thinks about hiring the latter to play the American guard, and chooses Omar Psyche in the role of French recruiter.

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It seems that he was created for this role, which adds up to a huge list of his strengths.

For many years, Omar has lived in the United States with his entire family. Zoom in His villa is located in LA.

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