London opposes “human rights” sanctions against Beijing

London opposes "human rights" sanctions against Beijing

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Beijing allowed British companies and statistics on Friday, accusing Uyghurs of “spreading lies”. Instead, British Foreign Secretary Dominique Rob condemned the pressure on Beijing to “condemn human rights abuses.”

Conflict between Beijing and London over the situation உய்குர்கள் Continues in China. The United Kingdom has “condemned” the sanctions imposed by Beijing against a number of British figures and organizations, condemning the desire to silence those who condemn human rights abuses.

“We condemn China’s efforts to silence those who condemn human rights abuses at home and abroad,” Foreign Minister Dominic Robb tweeted.

“Freedom of expression against abuse is fundamental and I strongly support it,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Twitter, adding that the British goal “plays a key role in exposing” gross human rights violations “against the Muslim Uyghur minority.”

Then Sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom in conjunction with the European Union, the United States and Canada, Beijing on Friday granted permission to nine British figures, including top parliamentarians, and four companies accused of “spreading lies” about human rights in Xinjiang.

“Although the United Kingdom joins the international community in allowing human rights abuses, the Chinese government bans its critics,” the British foreign minister said in a statement.

“If Beijing is to deny the credibility of human rights abuses in Xinjiang, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights must allow full access to verify the truth,” he added.

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Organizations targeting Beijing include the Conservative Party’s Human Rights Commission (created by Prime Minister Boris Johnson), Ian Duncan Smith, the party’s former chairman, and Tom Dujentad, the council’s deputy leader. General Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“It is our duty to condemn human rights violations”

“It is our duty to condemn the Chinese government’s human rights abuses and the genocide of Uyghurs in Hong Kong,” Ian Duncan Smith said on Twitter. “If it’s China’s anger at me, I’m wearing this badge as an honor.”

“Britain is imposing sanctions on those who violate the human rights of Chinese citizens. China bans those who defend the human rights of Chinese citizens. On the contrary, it is clear,” Tom Dujentad said on Twitter.

“In my view, this is a direct attack on British democracy and an attempt to silence those whom the British people have chosen to speak for themselves,” Tom Dujentad later told the BBC.

Stimulate the “thrilling effect especially on merchants”

“It doesn’t affect us as UK lawmakers, but the purpose of the ‘Chinese sanctions’ is to intimidate others, especially traders,” said Brian, chairman of the Chinese executive committee on parliamentary sanctions targeting Chinese sanctions in a joint statement with Neil O.

Conservative deputy Nusrat Ghani judges, authorized by Beijing, for his part that it is “the red flag for all democracies.” “I know I will not be intimidated,” he stressed, adding that these restrictions “make me more determined to talk about Uyghurs”.

More than a million Uyghurs have been detained, according to foreign experts Political re-education camps. Beijing claims that these are vocational training centers intended to exclude them from terrorism and separatism.

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