“Joe Biden and the Reconstruction of America”

"Joe Biden and the Reconstruction of America"

CHRONICLE – With Joe Biden, the United States is making its real entry into the multipolar world of the twenty-first century, where the end of its hegemony does not signal its decline.

Harry Truman, son of a senator farmer from Missouri, was elected Democrat in 1944 to become vice president of Franklin Roosevelt. When he died on April 12, 1945, he unexpectedly became 33e President of the United States. A little known man of the machine, removed from strategic questions, he led the United States to victory over Germany. He thus laid the foundations for world order and post-war development, while at the same time developing the strategy that led to the internal disintegration of Soviet religion in 1989. The unlikely president proved himself to be a politician. The moment in twentieth historye Century.

Joe Biden’s fate is not without some similarities with Truman. In its path, first and foremost, as a pillar of the Democratic Party in the Senate for half a century, was in the shadow of Vice President Barack Obama, despised by Hillary Clinton. With the challenges that lie ahead of him, there is no precedent before that

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