Another tile for the Warriors!

La grossière erreur de Draymond Green qui fait perdre les Warriors NBA

The Warriors continue to have flaws this time around as they have been humiliated during the most negative series and the Raptors on their last voyage. And a new tile will not help the situation of the troops in the bay …

There is a smell of exhaustion in San Francisco. Warriors season designed to allow Step curry His team, which came to the top of Western positions and played spoilers, no longer had a guide. Losses are accumulating (11 of the last 15 games), the team is skating in 10th place, and some are starting to think out loud if there is no tanking solution.

The decline was not resolved by a number of injuries, including the curry that hit the Golden State even harder for several games. When There was a historic butcher shop in front of TorontoAs if shame was not enough, another player was hospitalized: Eric Pasal.

Released during the meeting, the winger, who was released last season, has also passed the exams. And the bad news: Mark Stein has been missing for at least two weeks:

The Warriors say Eric Pasal (hip flexion extension) will be out for at least two weeks.

An additional puzzle for Steve Kerr, which is increasingly being questioned by some Bay fans. Although this season should be a success when it comes to nurturing players, it is clear that nothing has been accomplished this time around.

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A subtle circumstance that calls into question Tubs ’year-end intentions. Should we try to grab a spot in the play-offs at all costs, or should we restart the machine with Clay Thompson next season, aiming for a better chance in the upcoming draft?

Joe Lagop, Bob Myers and others in the front office don’t have much time to decide, and the next matches may already prove decisive given the direction given to this end of the campaign.

Eric Boss will miss several games, and Steve Kerr will miss the extra option. Enough to scare Warriors fans even worse …

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