Woman in the United States

Woman in the United States

Green and chaotic soundtrack, “Examples” Marks the arrival of La Femme. Five years after their last album, the French band embarks on a journey into a failed world. A perfect environment to appreciate these songs, past and colorful, which is so indebted Morricone than Morodor, Kraftwerk, Jacqueline Dassep or Donna Summer. One foot in the past, one foot in the future, the team responds with a clumsy and exciting record. No more doubt, Woman is really the future of man.

Announced for winter, postponed for spring, The release of La Femme’s new album is now a reality. “The epidemic has seriously upset our plans”, Singer Marlon Magnie says on board camera from his duet. Between the two rolls on his bed, La Femme’s voice continues: “Our album was ready, but this uncertain period gave us the opportunity to better prepare for release.” Connected with trends, always in tune with the times, the French team can be proud to have a player. Earlier in the world, La Femme predicted the worst with its catchy chorus. “Where is the world going “. “We never imagined a guy was going to eat bangles”, Promise Marlon. “Although the title of this song was rhetorical, there was a lot of content about the failures in a romantic relationship.” Under the sample card, The woman again submits her verses to the violations of the message. This time, the group even announces the color of the coming months with a confusing and strange prophetic song. The next day saw a chaotic upsurge in the Brussels jungle, “Brothel “ Music is beyond the spectrum. “This song has a good chance of being censored. In fact, it all depends on the dictatorial regime you see. For example, in North Korea, it doesn’t work at all. For now, the title is fine. In France and Belgium, but there is little sensitivity like” this is the return of terrorism “or” Because it contains columnsThrow me in the bullet hole. “, We expect to insert beeps throughout the song. “

From Belgium to the United States

Profile for Pogo, “Brothel” The success of Plastic Bertrand is compounded by a smile and a little interjection. It’s true that there’s also a side to “it flies at me”. In fact, my main inspiration for composing this piece must have been liked by Mark Salon, a French singer, Plastic Bertrand “Fay out tray portal” is a funny song, a little Belgian. In your home, people never come to the concert with a wipe around the neck. It’s a spontaneous relationship with music, far less fraudulent than Paris. “ Not far from the French capital, “Paradigms” songs are played by Tintin in the United States.. With the role of incredible adventures and weird clichs, La Femme’s album Bernie Sanders ties new gloves and crosses Hollywood scenes on the wheel of the Citroen 2CV. Songs like “Cool Colorado”, “New Orleans” Or “Pasadena” Thus underlining the beauty of La Femme Ricken. “This is the place of all our fantasies”, Agrees Marlon Magnie. “Naughty people like us live in unity, beyond judgments, what can be said. In France, if you do not pop, rap or electro, you are like a foreigner. In that sense, America is the land promised to us. Our childhood films undoubtedly encouraged brainwashing. America really grows our imagination. “ Velvet Underground, Black Lips and other Beach Boys browse through the sea of ​​French words.

After the man

If La Femme sings in French with the United States in his heart, he also masters the art of perfect opposite balance. In that sense, the title “foreigner” a The real lesson in performance. Sung in English, the song ends with a sequence of abbreviated beats: An electronic finale, inevitably reminiscent of daft punk and the golden age of French touch. “From New Order to Toner Summer, via Giorgio Moderator, we share notes with Daft Punk. Later, the album” Discovery “took a special place in my life. Listening to this record brought me up humanely and artistically. I felt a great deal of remorse for the division of robots. On that day, I realized that even La Femme could be separated.It was an event I had never dreamed of before … When Taft Punk was stopped, the last Jedi I had was dead, the Avatar Sacred Tree was burned and the terrorists exploded the Petra Temple. I was very sad. “

Spanish inn

This is what La Femme is all about for the general public Indy rock band revealing the ancient beauty of Clara Luciani – The name of the cast of the “role models” will appear. Lovers of Heaven Lack, Marlon McNee and his partner Sachcha Gott willingly hang female singers on top of their songs, following the letter and the orders passed in the great rage of your culture. New singers are emerging in all four corners of the new album. To start Actress and musician Alma Jodorowski. “She’s the granddaughter of director and designer Alejandro Zhodorovsky. She’s a childhood friend. We ‘ve wanted to do something together for years. Suddenly, she’s come to sing with us. Another invention, Ariane Codex connects the vocal cords with a thin and mesmerizing timbre. “Basically, Ariane is a librarian. We met her by arranging a song contest through our social networks. Even if she registers with us, she will not be by our side during the next tour. She suffers from a slightly different disease and, because she is slightly older than us, is from all over the world. She could not see him leaving his job to go to concerts, but we hope to record more songs with her in the future. “ The winner of the contest gives the voice “Pasadena” And “Garden”, A piece sung in Spanish, like tribute “Because you’re leaving” Issued by Janet. Amidst the knots for pop, punk, electro, yay wave, tips for browsing music and romantic announcements for the new wave, La Fem compiles his best disco in a stylish and transgender record.

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