Current player Magic Johnson cried in high school

Current player Magic Johnson cried in high school

Magic Johnson, who is known for his smiles and communicative good humor, knows how horrible it can be, and sometimes young prospects who dream about the NBA. Anyone who has used the opinion of a famous leader as an impetus can confirm this by the current member of the League.

His ideas have always been very fashionable and have been running on social networks for many years. After 25 years of retirement, Magic Johnson is a leading figure in the NBA, especially thanks to his presence in the media and on the web. His image remains that of the league’s brilliant spectator, but rarely the author of great reviews.

However, that does not mean that the five-time champion is unworthy of such comments. In the past, he was able to depress young opportunities in the high school circuit even with a few words. This is the treatment Dwight Howard experienced for example, the latter revealed in a 2011 interview with ESPN.

Said I was very skinny. Magic encouraged me by saying that I was not going to make it, that I was too weak. I was in second place when he told me I was too skinny to play in the NBA. I said to myself: “Well, let’s see. “

Given the current physique of the 76ers Center, you may be wondering how Magic could have been wrong about its future. However, when he spoke these words to her, the young lead … rose only at 1m72. One size fits all, even at age 15. Fortunately, the sudden rise of growth is likely to lie to his older brother.

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By the end of his sophomore season in high school, Howard was 2m05 tall! As everyone has known throughout his life, he was ranked No. 1 until 2004. This, 16 years later, when he returned, he became champion with the Lakers. Like anything, even Magic Johnson can make predictions that the point in the basketball program will disappear completely.

Instead of showing a rough physique as it currently is, Dwight Howard saw the door of the NBA slap Magic Johnson in the face. Psychologically, he was able to cross this barrier and reach the glorious life we ​​know of him.

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