Outsiders suffer from connectivity issues on release day • Eurogamer.net

Outsiders suffer from connectivity issues on release day • Eurogamer.net

Outsiders encountered connection issues as many issues arose on the day of the release.

The People Can Fly Prey launcher launched today on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and directly on the Xbox Game Boss and Google Stage and is fighting to keep the players running.

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I spent some time stuck in the early login screen tonight, which prevented me from playing. Finally, you are presented with an “Internet connection error” message stating that you can not connect to Outer Rider servers. Nothing to do after this point, but try again.

Some players said they were able to connect after repeated attempts, but this is far from a great start.

Safe Official Website for Adolescent Status, There is notice of damage affecting the game. There is a cover note from PCF that says the developer is “investigating this issue”.

This is not the only problem. There is a performance issue affecting multiplayer (again, the PCF analyzes this) and a synchronization between the PC code and the console code, which leads to the removal of players from the multiplayer cross play game.

In a post reddit, Said the editor of Square Enix: “We consider this issue to be of the highest priority and are working on fixes that synchronize all the codes on the platform, which will resolve these issues.”

Steam and Epic players can play together, Square Enix said, and PlayStation and Xbox can also collaborate. Square Enix temporarily disables automatic mapping between PCs and consoles.

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“If you invite a console player to your PC game via a call code (or vice versa) the game will be connected at the beginning, but a player will eventually be eliminated from the game,” Square Enix warned. “We strongly recommend that you do not do this until you have updated all versions of the game.”

The link will not be released today, Square Enix said.

There is a thread reddit It summarizes all the initial problems of the game and provides solutions and alternative solutions where appropriate. While you are waiting for the link, why not provide the latest ones Outreach posts A discourse?

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