In Australia, a man was stabbed in the neck by an octopus

In Australia, a man was stabbed in the neck by an octopus

The Australian geologist posted pictures of the octopus that caused the attack in an Instagram video.

This attack is unusual because the octopus is not usually an aggressive animal towards humans. In contrast to the documentary films released in 2020 on Netflix, My Octopus Author: The Wisdom of the Octopus, This mollusk from the Australian coast did not want to make friendly relations with the diver.

Beat on the back of the arm and neck

Geologist Lance Carlson bathing with his daughter at Dunsborough Beach Australia To see the sea tigers when he sees them, “The Octopus Geologist Gulf’s harsh “, He testified on his Instagram account on March 19, 2021.

The mollusk, probably panicking, strikes the man on the back of the arm and neck, leaving red marks on the victim’s skin. “I returned to shore in pain“, Lance Carlson told the Associated Press 9 News. In a video posted on Instagram, you can see the octopus Tetricus type octopus using its long tentacles trying to attack the teenager again.

A meeting that is exceptional

On the social network, the images caused a misunderstanding among the users, who were surprised to find a mollusk acting so aggressively.

I have never seen an octopus behave like thisOne of them is surprised. “I think she’s a mother. You’ve become so close to her nest. She wanted you to move away.”, Another testifies.

But such proximity to the mollusk also came as a surprise. “Even though he was aggressive, you were incredibly lucky to meet him.”, Concludes one of the followers.

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