TV HighSense 2021 Compatible Visa

TV HighSense 2021 Compatible Visa

There is one more supporter of visa technology. After P&O and LG, HisSense announces that the selection of its 2021 vintage TVs to be sold in the United States will include visa certification. Too bad, nothing has been announced yet for the models planned for France.

HisSense, a US subsidiary, announces that a large selection of these 2021 TVs will benefit from the Visa Ready label. The latter guarantees that by purchasing the Visa USB dongle, the TV will be able to send the audio stream to the appropriate wireless speakers.

Hisense has its word

“Hisense is proud to push the boundaries of video and audio performance with the launch of our 2021 North American TV models, Said David Gold, President of Hisons America. Visa continues to lead the new wireless audio category, and we are proud to offer Visa Ready certification and solutions that provide incredible, convenient and amazing entertainment experiences to millions of consumers. “

Visa, Kesako?

As a reminder, Visa technology allows you to enjoy high-res audio files (up to 96 kHz / 24 bits) with a maximum delay of 5 ms on a maximum of eight channels, which is twenty times better than Bluetooth. Or y-. Phi. So the system can be configured from 2.0 to 7.1, when to complete. For example with compatible speakers from Clips (cf. Our News CES 16> Clips Note Premier Wireless: Trigger the Neighbor!) Or P&O.

Visa will soon be Dolby Atmos compliant

In 2020, the Visa system announced plans to add support to Dolby Atmos. It also introduced a small transmitter box to allow consumers to use the visa with televisions without proper equipment.

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