Salvagni’s arrival at the new Attlee Axis in London

Salvagni's arrival at the new Attlee Axis in London

Since founding his architecture and interior design company in Rome eighteen years ago, architect and designer Achille Salvagni has been known for his elegant interiors, residences located in Mumbai, New York, Paris, Rome or Miami, but also given to its four corners of the world. At the same time, he made his own furniture, lamps and design items in Italy, which are published by artisans with ancestral knowledge. To highlight them, he envisioned a new setting in the London metropolis of Mayfair. Attlee Achille Salvagney takes place on the corner of Crofton Street, Dover Street and Hay Hill. The interior structure of the renovated 200-square-meter space, spread over two levels, was designed by Salvagni and combines ancient Rome, Italian architecture from the 1940s, contemporary modernity and approval of the seventies. Created during his imprisonment, his new collection, centered entirely on the house, has once again become the center of our lives, especially combining a sofa with patterns adorned with sheep’s wool, a cabinet covered with midnight blue paper inspired by the cigarette case Indore Maharaja.

Salvagni, 1A Cropton St., Mayfair, London, United Kingdom,

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