Russian hackers have once again been accused of carrying out cyber-attacks on the United States

Russian hackers have once again been accused of carrying out cyber-attacks on the United States

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Authorities are once again suspecting Russian hackers in the wake of a previously unpublished US State Department email theft, Politico reveals. He notes that the offices where the emails were stolen were offices that worked with American allies.

The US government again suspects Russian hackers of theft. This time, he condemns the cyber-attack that allowed hackers to access foreign emails in 2020. Congressional sources quoted Politico as saying that the attack had not been announced before.

Officials say they still do not know if Solar Winds was part of the hack that was revealed last December, many of which affected U.S. federal organizations. Surprisingly, the United States speculates that the “advanced” hackers behind these attacks were “of Russian descent.” The hypothesis was developed by Anne Newberger, the White House’s Deputy National Security Adviser on Cybernetics and Emerging Technologies, who says intelligence services are currently searching for hackers. In addition, the U.S. U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cyber ​​and Infrastructure Security The agency (CISA), the FBI and other agencies released a joint statement claiming that Russia was behind the attack on the solar wind.

Politico said the offices involved in the theft of emails were operating on issues related to US allies, including NATO, Europe and partners in the Indo-Pacific region. The classified network did not appear to have been consulted at this stage, an official in the media described.

This cyber-attack against the US State Department also brings the issue of cyber security of federal services for the second time in 10 years. In 2015, hackers broke into foreign networks and White House computers.

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Solar Winds Hacking

Solar Winds is software used by many government agencies. This American company was the target of hackers in December 2020. Hackers have been able to place malicious software called Sunburst on some versions of the Orion site, a tool for monitoring computer networks marketed by an American company. According to Washington, the attack was aimed at obtaining intelligence data, but the hackers failed to achieve their goal.

A total of 100 private sector companies and nine federal companies, including the justice, treasury, homeland security and business sectors, have been hacked by these hackers.

On December 13, Sisa issued an order calling on federal agencies to disable the Solar Winds software.

Russia denies any involvement

In the absence of evidence against it, Russia has always set aside doubts about its involvement in computer attacks and called the allegations “unsubstantiated.” Also, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Joe Biden has been accused of preventing contact with Russia over cyber security.

US cyber attacks against Moscow?

Amid hacking suspicions against Moscow, the New York Times said the United States planned to launch several cyber attacks on March 7, targeting Russian organizations associated with the country’s authorities.

A spokesman for the Kremlin expressed Moscow’s concern over the revelations, calling it an “international cybercrime” if it was really prepared for such an attack.

“If the media acknowledges the involvement of the US government in this cybercrime, it certainly raises our serious concerns,” he added.

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