Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City; The new film will focus on horror

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Officially Resident Evil: The new Resident Evil movie called Welcome to Raccoon City is coming out later this year. Now he reveals himself in a little more time, the director discusses his inspirations, among other things.

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We learn the news directly from director Johannes Roberts. According to Roberts, his new adaptation of Resident Evil will focus more on horror than the old series films, meanwhile, was more about action. One of the highlights of the series is, in his words, “creepy as f ** k”. The most terrifying adaptation of this series of games is news that should delight fans who want to see the footing, but was filmed as an American action film during its first film adaptation.

Change of tone

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Paul W.S. A new “appearance film” completely detached from Anderson’s old adaptation. This new adaptation will take place during the events of the first and second games, which will feature well-known characters and locations for fans.

To bring this new resident Evil cinema universe to a good start, Johannes Roberts was given the task of making a film that would be very scary in its tone. So the already terrified director was happy to accept this challenge.

The important element for this film is the tone. The thing I liked about the games was that they were “hell” scary and that’s what I wanted to reflect on. This atmosphere – it rains, it is always dark, it is scary. Raccoon City will be that rotten character in the movie, and that kind of situation from the game I wanted to add.

Inspired by the works of John Carpenter

Roberts then hands over his film inspirations to make the film Resident Evil. In fact, it may come as a surprise about the horror genius John Carpenter, but the pictures he inspired so accurately may surprise you.

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Obviously, when we think of John Carpenter, we immediately think of iconic movies like The Thing, Halloween or The Live. But Roberts was more interested in how Carpenter, who came together to face the siege, brought different characters to the screen. His particular way of feeling the claustrophobia and panic of the trapped group. So, he got his direct inspiration from films like Assault on Presence 13 and John Carpenter’s The Fox.

Finally, Roberts mentions that the film will take place in three locations recognized by fans: Raccoon City, Police Station and Spencer Mansion.

We have two different places, but we separate the characters in their world. On one side it looks like a siege picture of a police station, and on the other, you can see a group caught in the mansion, which is “creepy as f ** k”.

Actors who starred in New Resident Evil are here: Welcome to Raccoon City:

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