Audrey Hepburn: Her best glitter makeup

Audrey Hepburn: Her best glitter makeup

From “Diamonds Sur Canab” to “My Fair Lady” via “Roman Holidays” or “Funny Freemos”, Audrey Hepburn is definitely one of the 7 international actresses representing the universeTh Art. Museum of the greatest creators in the image of cinema and the image of his dearest friend Hubert de Givenchy, he is a true inspiration to the fields of fashion and beauty.

Like William Wyler’s American movie “How to Steal a Million Dollars”, there is an elegant and natural beauty who knows how to be extremely sexy and beautiful, where Nicole Bonnet, the daughter of a swindler, is less cultist than Peter O’Toole. A plot that mixes suspense and comic situations, Audrey develops herself into a robber of the arts, without style.

Loyal to her costume designer friend, she is adorned by Givenchy for this film. For makeup it is Alberto de Rossi, a famous Italian makeup artist, among others, who is responsible for the iconic look with the eyeliner feature of Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 film “Cleopatra”.

The makeup imagined for Audrey in this 1966 movie catches everyone’s attention. It has a very “bold” glossy look, subtly camouflaged under a veil but very luminous which spreads the flavor of the lace.

Considered a glitter party for this gorgeous look, it combines simplicity in color and mouth with sophistication in the eyes. A beauty treatment is not a little old, we are happy to reproduce, even today.

Get a Look, Audrey Hepburn Dance «Comment Voller and Million Dollars”, step by step

In this new video tutorial, Victoria This makeup reveals a simple step-by-step procedure to reproduce at home.

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Most of the time, if you start your beauty treatment with a work of color, this make-up that focuses on everything in the eyes is not. So you have to start with the eyes to ensure a balanced set.

Use your highly pigmented pencil to draw a curve with the folds of your eyelids that you can strengthen with black and matte eye shadow. It acts as an expression that touches the glitter. Then draw an eyeliner line very sharp or dense. To shape the eye and get the “toe eye” effect, take your black pencil back and underline the under hair line until it reaches the outer corner of your eyeliner line.

Attention, it is time to approach the main stage of this makeup: the application of glitter. With full knowledge of the facts, Victoria advises to choose the smallest and best sequels for a better result and easier to handle. It is necessary to use a sticky gloss before applying, using a flat brush, even for neat coverage. Finish the eye makeup with a type of dye mixture that nourishes the eyelid hairs, you should choose a very dark color to balance your eyes.

We go for color and we work it lightly to balance the power of your vision. Here Victoria chose a foundation with structural coverage and matte finish, no need to add loose powder. A touch of concealer to illuminate dark eyes with black graphic lines and voila.

To support the “vintage” side, add a blush touch in a shade of pink to bring out the color and enhance the face, and apply it externally from the center of your cheekbones.

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Final touch, mouth. It is supposed to be gentle and sensible: a simple light-colored balm applied to the finger will suffice.

You are now ready to compete with Nicole Bonnet (and Audrey Hepburn) on the paths of glamor.

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