According to Bernie Sander, “Amazon is afraid” of mobilizing its employees in Alabama.

According to Bernie Sander, "Amazon is afraid" of mobilizing its employees in Alabama.

“You have the courage”Bernie Sanders told staff at Bessemer in the Alabama warehouse. On Friday, with rapper Killer Mike, the U.S. senator went there to support those who want to form a union, the first time for an online trading company in the United States. Former Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders firmly believes: Amazon fears what will happen in Alabama.

Online sales company Sux “If workers succeed (in forming a union), it will spread across the country.”He told reporters after talking to workers and unionists at a nearby warehouse. According to Forbes, the property was valued at nearly $ 180 billion before being called the co-founder of Amazon and the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos.

“Mr. Bezos, you have so much money […]Why do you spend millions trying to defeat workers who want nothing more than decent income, decent benefits and decent working conditions? ! “, He shouted. «In Europe, Amazon negotiates with unions, So they can negotiate fully with the unions in the United States. ”, Bernie Sanders argued.

“Ideally, they will give you a snack to catch and manage a package every 9 seconds. I can’t even clean my nose in 9 seconds! ”, Included rapper killer Mike who came with Bernie Sanders. The artist encouraged employees to claim a seat at the negotiating table and earn $ 20 an hour.

The giant technology of online commerce is also the second largest employer in the United States, with a population of 800,000, mainly in its sorting centers.

After months of mobilizing some employees, a bulletin must be sent by March 29 to determine whether the approximately 5,800 employees of the Bessemer warehouse should be represented by a union.

The Seattle group has not officially opposed the unions, but has been campaigning against them. A website called “DoItWithoutDues” and even posters in the toilets have been reported by staff at weekly meetings aimed at encouraging mobilization.

Attempts to organize the group’s warehouses have so far failed, and Bessmer’s site, a site that employs a large number of African Americans, has been subject to media and tensions comparable to a political campaign.

Leading politicians (former Georgia Democrat MP Stacey Abrams, Florida Republican senator), art (comedian Dina Faye, actor Danny Clover), and sports (Union of American Footballers) and even President Joe Biden gave their support to the trade that Bessemer was interested in.

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