This is the most detailed picture of the black hole to date.

This is the most detailed picture of the black hole to date.

It may have taken centuries to capture The first real image of the black hole, But only took a few years to proceed. New York Times Reports The event features researchers from the Horizon telescope Published The most detailed picture of the black hole to date. An updated snapshot of the hole in the galaxy Messiah 87 shows it for the first time in polarized light, the behavior of the cosmic fields (indicated by the lines you see here) on the edge of the cosmic phenomenon.

New images show that these fields are strong enough to provide resistance to strong magnetized gas on the event horizon, with some gases escaping from the hole’s excessive gravitational force. Jason Dexter of the University of Colorado said gas must go through these fields to fall into the hole. According to Michael Johnson, another contributor to the event Horizon, the images also show that the jet receives its power from the rotating energy of the black hole.

The data also allow scientists to estimate that the black hole is a relatively small consumer – consuming “only” a thousandth of the sun’s mass each year.

You should see more information in the future. Although the overall inclusion of EHD telescopes is low, it is expected that the future version will be large enough to produce full videos with magnetic functions. It should show how magnetic fields extract energy from a black hole and further evaluate one of the strangest objects in the universe.

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