Justice ordered the detention of retired Colonel Eduardo Farrow

Justice ordered the detention of retired Colonel Eduardo Farrow

Retired Colonel Eduardo Ferro arrived in Uruguay this Saturday to be tried for human rights abuses during the dictatorship, and was reportedly taken to testify before a judge at 11 a.m. on the murder of communist militant Oscar Tacino. Capital statement (TV City) and confirmed Montevideo Portal.

Faro was arrested by Valencia police in Spain on January 27 for writing crimes against humanity and being involved in the Condor program.

Ricardo Percibelle, a lawyer who specializes in crimes against humanity, confirmed to the public media that retired Colonel Eduardo Farrow has been remanded in custody, who testified before Judge Sylvia Eurioste.

According to reports for Radio Uruguay, Persepolis detention detention “until the new exceptions to the constitution are clarified. They have already been resolved, but they have been revived.”

“There is no fixed date for this to be resolved. When these unconstitutional issues are resolved, the judge has 15 days to resolve his situation, which is why he will be in custody.

Journalist Leonardo Haberkorn in October last year Viewer Capt. Hector Erosa announced that the military had formed a medical team in 1997 to declare him suffering from a “severe personality disorder”, thus discrediting complaints against the pharaoh about spying on politicians in a democracy, and other abuses. In February 2020, El Observator points out that Erosa was able to obtain one of the military psychiatrists who formed the medical board, declaring him insane to admit that the opinion was false, and imposing on them a “prepared, forced fact.”

In an interview with Alfonso Lessa, Faro denied allegations that Erosa had spied and denied any involvement with those missing in the dictatorship, including Tacino. He claimed responsibility for the abduction of Lillian Celeberti and Universinto Rodriguez in Brazil, but denied that they should be classified as such.

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Regarding the missing, Feroz said at the time that they were “a bad decision from a strategic point of view, and inhumane”. Pharaoh said it was “an order” and did not know who sent it. “I don’t think I would say that if I knew,” he said.

He also said that even if decades have passed, if there is still an optimal environment, more information about the whereabouts of bodies can be obtained. “You may have information, but in the face of all this aggression they are doing it the other way. The goal is not to find the missing, it is to give them a handle and the problem is there. If things are handled differently, some more will appear,” he said.

The Colonel, who retired due to Uruguay’s extradition request, did not appear before a Spanish judge who promised he would. Ferro, who asked Lessa, at one point he appeared before a Spanish judge, although he had no faith in Uruguayan justice, especially in the “public prosecutor’s office” headed by court lawyer Jorge Thiaz. “It has total revenge and I am going to complicate my life,” Fero said in 2020.

Regarding the murder of Tacino

In the same month of October, Ricardo Percibelle, a lawyer who specializes in crimes against humanity, called for the prosecution of former soldier Jorge “Pazarito” Silveira for the murder of Tacino.

“We have found sufficient evidence to support the claim that he was one of the suspects in the arrest of Oscar Tacino and others transferred to the La Tablada Secret Detention Center,” Persepolis said.

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“There are other demands for the Silveira process,” Persepol recalled, referring to “the case of 28 women and the Julian brothers who were sexually abused during the dictatorship.” In addition, he explained, “there is an initial decision for each case and an initial sentence at that time.”

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