Tomorrow, March 28, 2021 Nisfu Sayyban enters the night of 1442 Hijri, which will arrange prayers and training

Ilustrasi Bulan Syaban 1442 H.

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BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Tomorrow, to be precise, March 28, 2021 enters the night of a Nisfu Siapan 1442 Hijri.

Night prayer readings and recommended practices will be reviewed below Nisfu Chiapan 2021. Presented in Arabic and Latin script, as well as its specialties.

Nisfu Siaban 1442H as it is known is the middle of the month of Siaban.

On the night of Nisfu Siyaban, Muslims can perform the prescribed rituals.

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Among them, asking Allah for forgiveness is reading the Quran to recite the night prayer of Nisfu Sayyban.

The prayer can be recited after the recitation of Surah Yasin by Nisfu Sayapan.

Then, when is the night Nisfu Chiapan 2021?

According to Sulhani Hermawan, a lecturer at IAIN Surakarta, M.Aq, the night of Nisfu Saiban is a special night that falls in the middle of the month of Siaban.

Description of the month of Siaban 1442 h.
Description of the month of Siaban 1442 h. (Freibick)

“The night of Nisfu Sayapan means the middle of the month of Xiaban. Okay, but the ones taken are especially the night of the 15th. The change of day is after sunset,” Sulhani Herman told at OASE on Friday (19/3/2021).

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