Netflix is ​​set to air a documentary series on Johnny Holiday by the end of this year

Netflix is ​​set to air a documentary series on Johnny Holiday by the end of this year

The streaming site produces a series of five episodes that revisit the history of the greatest French rocker. Release is expected by the end of the year.

Four years after the death of Johnny Holiday, reports suggest that a documentary series in five episodes is set to revive his life. Parisian. Entitled Johnny by Johnny, The project will feature unpublished archive footage provided by INA and Universal, the Dowlier record company between 1961 and 2005.

Johnny by Johnny The company behind the latest documentaries about Nicholas Anelka and Kims will produce Black Dynamite. Like in the movie Johnny will tell his own legend there Listen to me Marlon, Which used Marlon Brando’s recordings made during his lifetime.

Line Renat, but not Eddie Mitchell

Relatives of the singer have agreed to participate in the interviews. Thus we find Line Renault, but also photographer Jean-Marie Perrier, his guitarist Yarol Pupot, his friend Philip Labro and composer Pierre Billan.

According to Parisian, His widow Laticia, his two children David and Laura, as well as his ex-wife Sylvie Warden and his friend Eddie Mitchell will not be part of the adventure. The documentary, which is scheduled for the end of this year, should make Johnny Holidays better known internationally.

A documentary Johnny’s last road trip was across the United States, Performed in 2016 with friends, a year before he died, was released last year. The title of this film For our promises Available in a box set in Rocker’s American Dream.

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