White House officials say North Korea tested 1st missile during Biden’s administration The world

White House officials say North Korea tested 1st missile during Biden's administration  The world

A North Korea Done Missile tests Over the weekend, White House officials told news agencies and newspapers on Tuesday. This is the first type of activity Joe Biden Took over as chairman To us.

According to The Washington Post The tests were performed with short-range missiles. The move comes just days after US diplomats and security officials visited Asia South Korea.

A U.S. government official told Reuters that the warning was part of North Korea’s “normal” military operations and that the tests would not open the door to dialogue between the White House and the regime. Kim Jong-un.

Typically, when such tests occur, the North Korean government or observers in South Korea will detect and warn. This time, the test was reported by US authorities a few days later.

According to a White House spokesman, the Biden government will outline its plan for North Korea and ask the two main enemies of the Kim regime, South Korea and Japan.

Military equipment at a rally to mark the eighth Labor Congress in January in Pyongyang, North Korea – Photo: KCNA via Reuters

Rehearsal in government between US and North Korea Donald Trump In 2018 it stagnated the following year as both parties failed to pursue an agreement.

Earlier this year, just days before Biden’s inauguration, the North Korean regime displayed weapons at a large military parade in the capital, Pyongyang. Remember in the video below.

North Korea displays submarine-launched missiles

North Korea displays submarine-launched missiles

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