MLP: Bored on the left shoulder, Fernando Todd left in the 3rd inning

MLP: Bored on the left shoulder, Fernando Todd left in the 3rd inning

Peoria, Aris. – San Diego Patrice’s shortstop Fernando Todd’s Jr. left the game in the third inning of the Cactus League on Tuesday.

He was a regular at the Cincinnati Reds’ Jonathan India Stadium.

Shortly after his usual location, he caught the ball with the back of his glove and aired just in time for the first cushion before departure.

Dadis stayed in the shelter for a few minutes and then returned to the locker room with a therapist.

Patres, who won 5-4 against the Cincinnati Reds, said Dadis will be re-evaluated on Wednesday.

In February, Dadis signed a $ 340 million contract for 14 years.

The 22-year-old last year scored 277 runs with 17 home runs and 45 runs.

Peters will begin this season at Petco Park on April 1 against the Arizona Diamondback.

A great start brings victory to Jayas

In another pre-season match, in the Grapefruit League, the Toronto Blue Zeus beat the Philadelphia Philippines 9-3.

Jayce thanked Lourdes Currial twice in the first set, giving them a comfortable lead twice in the second and three times in the third.

Santiago Espinal gave him a run with two wins.

Tommy Millon led the Jays in the fourth and third innings (13-8-1), allowing four wins and two runs scored. He hit two batters to win.

In the other clan, Zack Wheeler conceded six wins, five runs in three innings, and Pillies (10-11) in the third inning.

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