[Fiches Draft] Wyatt Davis (OG) Distributes Pancakes | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Fiches Draft] Wyatt Davis (OG) Distributes Pancakes |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Just over a month before the draft (April 29), the editorial staff of TouchDownDocu presents you with its annual “Draft Sheet”. 80 of the best university players to delight your favorite NFL team in 2021, 40 on offense and 40 on defense.

Wyatt Davis – Guard – Ohio State

Cut: 1 m 93

Weight: 143 kg

Draft rated status: 25-40

NFL Comparison: Kevin Jeitler (Giants)

Points forts

– Technique
– Athletes
– Motor

“The low man wins”, we often hear, because he is low on his feet and at the same time powerful, and Wyatt Davis knows how to do it. His technical prowess is also seen in the use of his hands on the attackers. His sporting prowess allows him to face the Boss Russians from the inside out. Wyatt Davis, a high school basketball player, is as fast as he can be.

Wyatt Davis excels at defending his quarterback and opening holes for his runners. Throughout a game, in every game. He is a regular player who makes a solid attack. If a good guard can be found in the 4th round of the draft, Wyatt Davis is a special type, a franchise going to the highest level. He can’t say he will join the Hall of Fame with his grandfather, but he has the profile to be a solid holder for many years.

Weak points

– Status analysis

Wyatt Davis sometimes has a tendency not to find the element to block, especially when hitting the pocket from the back curtain. The players he faces in the NFL can hide their motives before the ball is involved, so he needs to further elevate his position, especially by studying in the video room. But Wyatt Davis already has a very solid base (technique, athleticism, mindset) while maintaining a place for improvement.

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Possible locations

Jets, Packers, Bengals, 49ers, Riders, Jaguars

With 23 or 34 choices, jets can add high-level guards to continue building the attack line. With the Packers losing Cory Linsley, Elkton Jenkins, who played the perfect guard in 2020, should be replaced at the center: Billy Turner RG or R.D. . 49 players want to run, so it would be invaluable to have a player line-up of Wyatt Davis capable. Coach Urban Meyer still has ties to Ohio State University, so it would make sense to recruit Wyatt Davis to defend the quarterback and open up holes for his powerful runners (Robinson & Hyde).

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