[Fiches Draft] Paris Ford (S), packed with aggression | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Fiches Draft] Paris Ford (S), packed with aggression |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Paris Ford – Defense – 22 Answer – Jr. – Pittsburgh

Cut: 1 m 83

Weight: 86 kg

Draft rated status: 2e – 4e tour

Statistics 2020: 41 blocks including 3 for losses, 3 interceptions, 1 protected pass

NFL Comparison: Bob Sanders

Points forts

– Physical involvement / aggression
– Interruptions / Zonal Security
– Versatile

If it is necessary to appoint a trophy for the most aggressive player in the NCAA, Paris Ford can claim victory. When he’s on the field, he’s 110% committed to every action, and that intensity is the basis of his game. The Pittsburgh player explodes, and he can change the tides of a game by inflicting losses. Bullets.

Ford is a versatile security, compatible with the modern NFL. Playing in the background of the box or more, he seems to be perfect for zonal defense, in a hybrid role, he can use his vision and his physical qualities to block the opponent’s attack.

A playmaker by nature, he is capable of triggering stumbling blocks. But its main strength is air defense in short and medium passes. From his point of view, he can catch the quarterback with his speed and changes of direction, cutting a path that still appears to be “safe”.

The Pittsburgh player is an extraordinary athlete, and it shows when he should chase the runner. Therefore, he is able to evolve in all three endeavors, which are always important for a defense, and ask for more and more different tasks.

Weak points

– Deep pass coverage
– Concentration / precipitation

Paris Ford has great qualities, but they also have their shortcomings. His physical commitment often motivates him to act very quickly regardless of the angles of attack or the quality of the challenges. As a result, many easy games are pulled as Paris Ford rushes to complete the process without realizing the danger behind its initial entry.

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If Ford had all the qualities to follow a player man, those videos show the difficulty of keeping his concentration on long tracks. He often fails, which limits him to a strong defensive position in the big league. The good news for him is that he can fix his mistakes through training because he has fitness and speed.

Goals are possible

Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Texans, Las Vegas Riders, San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns

The most suitable for Ford is a split-zone plan like the Cleveland Browns offer. The Ford can develop into a box, using its blast to cover the floor sideways and provide support for racing safety.

Depending on whether the owners have a “crush” or not, he could finish in the 2nd round like the 4th match. The security class is deep, we have to choose.

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