IPhone 12: Apple gets fined for removing chargers from boxes

IPhone 12: Apple gets fined for removing chargers from boxes

Apple may appeal to its trust.

Brazil has fined Apple for failing to include a charger in its iPhone 12 box. Penalty imposed by Procan-SB, Consumer Protection Regulator, Brazil False advertising, sale of a device without a charger and false terms $ 2 million.

This is not the first time the Brazilian controller has hit Apple with missing chargers from an iPhone 12 box. Last October, after the smartphones were delivered, Apple announced that it would remove chargers and headphones from phone boxes. “ Reducing its environmental impact 2, Broken-SB was already skeptical of the US company’s new policy. Next month Does not prove environmental gain. »

The latter asked Cupertino to confirm that the price of the iPhone 12 had been reduced as the charger had been removed. Request that no Apple respond.

« Apple needs to understand that Brazil has strong consumer protection laws and companies. He must respect these laws and institutions Said Fernando Cabas, managing director of Broken-SB 9to5mac.

It should also be noted that many iPhone 11 Pro owners are unable to repair their phone for free after water issues, and the Brazilian controller blames Apple for false advertising for using unreasonable terms and not supporting users who have had problems with iOS. Updates.

For now, the US company has not yet responded to the announcement of the fine imposed on it, but Apple may appeal against this decision.

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