Blue Zeus sees Alejandro Kirk in their soup

Blue Zeus sees Alejandro Kirk in their soup

The honeymoon continues between the organization of Blue Jays and their young receiver Alejandro Kirk.

Since last year, a fight has finally begun between Danny Johnson and Reese McGuire for the position of receiver number two behind him.

The point of action in support of Meguerre is his defense, period. The 22-year-old Mexican has a clear advantage in the offensive area, and the fact that Kirk improves this aspect of his game visually makes the fight a bit random.

In a radio interview with SportsnetRose Atkins, the team’s general manager, confirmed that the organization had sent its best nutritionist to spend time with Kirk in Mexico this winter. Would he have done all this for a player who has spent all season in the minority?

It’s hard to realize that a young player’s physique can cause him health problems for a long time. Questioning to put all the opportunities on their side, Jayce has invested time and effort to grow their future recipient healthy.

Draw your own conclusions, but it is now clear to me that Kirk won his fight against Megue. The Toronto latter should be discounted, and it is obvious that this should be requested by another major league baseball team.

Another detail that did not lie: Team manager Charlie Montoya stated that he liked what he saw on the set of drums created by Robbie Ray and Alejandro Kirk and that he had no intention of removing it.

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Using wonderful and funny words, Atkins summed up what he saw from Kirk in his pre-season season game. Jayce also noted that Big Boss Kirk really understands the art of beating, which speaks volumes about the young player’s admiration.

Another point that often confirms his conclusion: Atkins did not mention Meguerre at any point during his interview.

At this camp Kirk is coming as fast as a train so now be on Danny Johnson’s alert, and look in his rearview mirror.

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