Watch the devil dust dust on the rover of diligence

Watch the devil dust dust on the rover of diligence

There are some great products on Mars for dust demons.

While imagining its new environment on dry Mars, the latest perseverance rover He saw a hurricane The dust is slipping. Seen below, the dust appears beyond the hand of the devil rover:

Mars today is an unusually dry and windy desert planet, so it is an ideal terrain for creating short-term dust demons. Sometimes lasting a long time Large dust storms clear the planetMars covers vast areas of Mars with red dust.

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However, Mars has not always been a dry and dusty world. NASA astronomers believe Mars once supported water generators – and there may be life there. As a space company Noted:

NASA scientists estimate that there are at least 5 million cubic miles of water on Mars. This is more than the amount of water found on Earth’s Arctic Ocean. If there were so much water on Mars today, it would cover 19% of the surface and reach a maximum depth of one mile.

The diligent rover, which is searching for evidence that microbes may have survived (or progressed?) On Mars, has begun exploring the Xero gorge, according to NASA. “Flood in the water.”

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