London and Madrid agree to keep the Gibraltar border open

Accord pour laisser la frontiere de gibraltar ouverte[]

MADRID (Reuters) – Brexit, Spain and the United Kingdom on Thursday reached an initial agreement to open the land border of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar at the end of the Iberian Peninsula.

Under the agreement, Gibraltar will be an integral part of European agreements such as the Schengen area, said Spanish Foreign Minister Orange Gonzalez Laya.

The agreement is temporary and both parties have given themselves a six-month extension to resolve the issue permanently.

Gibraltar did not mention Christmas, especially in trade, in the deal the UK and EU found among extremists to shape their future relations.

If London and Madrid had not reached an agreement, the UK’s final exit from the EU at 23:00 GMT on Thursday would have imposed tariff restrictions on tens of thousands of Spaniards and residents. Gibraltar, who crossed the border every day, added Gonzalez Laya.

In London, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb reaffirmed Britain’s firm support for Gibraltar’s sovereignty and its commitment to mitigating Brexit influence.

“All parties are committed to mitigating the consequences of the transition period in Gibraltar, especially to ensure liquidity at the border, which is in the best interest of the people living on both sides,” the secretary added. Foreign Office.

The area was ceded to Great Britain in 1713, but Spain never recognized British sovereignty over Gibraltar.

(Clara-Laila Lodet with Paul Chandel in London; French edition Henry-Pierre Andre)

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