The sun will destroy all life more than expected – science

The sun will destroy all life more than expected - science

Take another deep breath! The Earth’s atmosphere is running out of oxygen – researchers have now calculated the end of all life.

Without our sun there would be no life on earth, but it would be our downfall. The giver of the universe of life, everything in this stellar system will rotate and turn off the light for us sooner than we thought before.

A team of researchers commissioned by NASA to study the habitat of foreign aircraft has now come to this dramatic conclusion. A related study was published in the journal Nature Geoscience in early March.

“We have found that the Earth’s oxygen-rich atmosphere does not last long,” explains Kazumi Osaki, an environmental scientist at Doho University in Japan. He calculated with Christopher Reinhardt of the Georgia Institute of Technology When all life on earth stumbles.

Q (L) is an eternity

Fortunately, none of us will ever see this thing again. From a human point of view, about 1.08 billion years is an eternity, but in cosmic terms it is manageable.

Our sun is responsible for this drastic change in the Earth’s atmosphere. The sun constantly burns up its huge hydrogen reserves and its energy grows and grows. In a billion years, the sun’s rays will be 10 percent stronger than they are today.

The plants are dying

In a billion years, the sun’s rays will be 10 percent stronger than they are today. Across the planet, temperatures will rise by 30 degrees Celsius. As the planet warms, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere breaks down.

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Plants that depend on CO2 for photosynthesis cannot sustain this. The mass extinction of plants will inevitably close the end of animals – and humans – on Earth.

When the results come out, according to the researchers’ sample calculations, everything will go very quickly. Once the process begins, only a fraction of a millionth of the oxygen available today will be in the air within 10,000 years.

Bacteria take over the planet

The ozone layer will also disappear, and heat and radiation will destroy life on land and in the oceans. But something will survive: “This is a world – again – overridden by many anaerobic and primitive bacteria currently hidden in the shadows,” Reinhardt explains.

When the earth formed, there was almost no oxygen in the atmosphere. It only emerged about two billion years ago with the appearance of cyanobacteria, formerly known as blue-green algae, which they produce as a product of their photosynthesis.

Only after the so-called major oxygen catastrophe, when the O2 concentration in the air rises rapidly within 50 million years, can long life be formed. But according to the present state of knowledge, the past will not happen again after the coming catastrophe, and no new life will be created on earth.

The end of everything

Because in about 3.5 billion years – that is, less than the age of the Earth – the sun will shine 40 percent brighter. Your brightness will be All the oceans for cooking Bring.

“It simply came to our notice then [in der Atmosphäre] Then it acts like a greenhouse gas and traps the incoming heat, which accelerates evaporation, ”explains Jillian Scudder, an astronomer at the University of Sussex.

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Our once blue planet will only be an unbearably hot desert – like Venus today.

The planets are swallowed up

After another 1.5 billion years, the Sun will leave hydrogen. They elevate themselves into a red giant, whose envelope expands into the current orbit of Mars. This is the complete end for Venus and Mercus, they are swallowed.

By then, the earth may have moved farther away from the sun to avoid this fate. But even so, it is only a glowing ball of molten rock and metal.

The rest is darkness

After a long time, when the sun burns its reserves for a long time, its end is also threatened. As a white dwarf, its light becomes weaker and weaker – until it burns too. From that moment on, there will be complete darkness over the smallest remnants of the origin of mankind.

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