Super Seducer 3 – Super Seducer 3 Steam is banned


Originally scheduled for release on February 12, Super Seducer 3 has been postponed several times due to Wolverine’s repeated denials. The American company finally decided to reject the game altogether.


To present the bigger picture, let’s take a step back. Super Seducer is an FMV mesmerizing game with the first two episodes released in 2019 (on Steam). If these releases did not cause any inconvenience, and allowed the license to reach more viewers (more than 100,000 players each), both games would later be rejected on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and they would not want to see these games on their sites.

In early February 2021, Steam organized its traditional ceremony to test demos of upcoming games. In this case, the first chapter Super Seducer3 Got … 1 hour, Before the valve is removed, Without actual explanation.

As the game’s release approaches, first test – or stream – codes are provided. This allowed me to play and write a test for GeeksOnline. The test was supposed to be released on the day of its release on Super Seducer 3 Steam, but this release was postponed again due to the refusal to release the series Steam game. அடைப்பான் This may come as a surprise due to the number of games that can be classified as obscene on stage.


The company justifies its choice by saying that these are real people and not animated characters. Also, although the game is adequate Smooth (We do not see any naked woman or naked breasts; there is nothing worse in the game than being on Instagram, for example), it has some more bold shots than previous games. In the first two episodes – especially the first – the camera focuses a lot on the bodies of the two young women we are trying to seduce. In addition, during the interpretation of each tip, Richard La Ruina was surrounded by young women in their underwear.

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These were blurry in the version I had, but those shots may have contributed to the end of the valve. Several exchanges followed between the developers and Steam, who at first said they were ready for any change and thus the game was approved. Nevertheless, the ax fell this morning: Super Seducer 3 was definitely rejected.

Now? Note that the game is denied on PlayStation and Xbox. It was moreEpic game Store GoG. Exit Click May be planned and there may be other ways to sell the game on the computer. Nevertheless, in all cases, the damage was significant:

  1. The game is fully developed, calculating the output of steam. This can be very difficult to monetize without leaving.
  2. Steam is the largest platform available on the system. Yes, it can be published elsewhere, but sales will necessarily be affected.
  3. Since the beginning of February, many streamers have been playing the game, which has highlighted itself. By postponing its release, the title loses the opportunity to take advantage of this media rush.
  4. For the past two years, developers have been focusing their communications on Steam, forcing people to add the game to their wishlist. 61,700 had done so. All of this is now gone: even if the developers release the game elsewhere, they will have no way of notifying everyone who added the game to their wishlist.

Richard La Rouina had already warned that the title would be the last super seducer, and he planned to release a horror game on FMV, a consensus theme. We hope he finds a solution for the game that will not prevent the development of horror.

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